Email quotas not enforced


Nov 29, 2007

At HostGator forums we've been discussing problems with enforcing quotas in e-mail accounts that doesn't seem to work at all in cPanel. You have to be registered to read these posts, but I will link them just in case you are.

The core of the posts are:

A user may have 2 mb free in his account and then receives a 3 mb message that passes through. That not only fills the mailbox, but makes deleting messages (to free up space) impossible. The only solution I have in such cases is to use FTP or Cpanel File Manager to delete files (messages) in the saturated mailbox.
On Nov 10th the mailbox [email protected] grew to 29mb, even though the allowed quota was always 20mb. Now we checked and it grew even bigger, reaching 42mb.

How can this be possible?
how can this be avoided?
Not setting quotas may be an option after all, though it may allow irresponsible users not to clean up, forcing you to end up "denouncing" the problems directly to their boss way too often. It may also force you to go dedicated if you have to provide e-mail to more than 50 people... only because something in cPanel does not work as it should :-(
I'd like to know how do others here do to let mail users know about their mail quota usage. It is a basic service and not being able to offer it is limiting my business.

If I remember correctly, time ago the used/available quota was displayed in the main webmail screen for each user, but now there is no way for them to see that info. And without having it (like with any webmail provider) they never know when e-mails may bounce.

Squirrel mail has an add-on to show this but HG reps told me they can't add this basic functionality to a reseller account, though I could always do it in a dedicated server... something out of the question for me at the moment.

But why was the quota reference removed in the first place???

In HG I was told I could report these problems to cPanel directly, so I wonder if anyone here can share some insight on these e-mail quota issues.

Thanks, in advance.