Email Restrictions.


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May 19, 2010
I get the email from LFD and I cannot figure it out:

Time: Wed Dec 1 15:48:46 2010 +0000
Path: /home/****/public_html
Count: 301 emails sent

Sample of the first 10 emails:

2010-12-01 15:48:08 1PNoue-0004uZ-Te <= ****@**** U=**** P=local S=1430 T="**** started a new personal conversation with you" for ****
2010-12-01 15:48:08 cwd=/var/spool/exim 7 args: /usr/sbin/exim -t -oem -oi -f <> -E1PNoue-0004uZ-Te
2010-12-01 15:48:08 1PNoue-0004uc-UJ ** **** R=checkspam2: Domain **** has exceeded the max emails per hour (300) allowed. Message discarded.
Ok, So I have a limit of 300 per hour, Its obvious some users are trying to exceed this, But how can I avoid these emails and where is says message discarded, Whats this ? Is it not supposed to email the account user that there exceeding the limit and there will be a wait or such.