Email Server Problem


Dec 8, 2014
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I'm using cPanel as mail server but seems like I can't send any email to hotmail and on gmail they're in spam folder...

2014-12-08 22:21:49 1XyBMz-0002ed-KM <= [email protected] U=admin P=local S=581 [email protected]
2014-12-08 22:21:50 1XyBMz-0002ed-KM => [email protected] R=dnslookup T=remote_smtp [] X=UNKNOWN:ECDHE-RSA-AES256-SHA384:256
2014-12-08 22:21:50 1XyBMz-0002ed-KM Completed

I don't have any returned email saying that the IP is on a blacklist or anything...

Tested my email on mail-tester and I got a score of 10/10 which mean my TXT, DNS is configured properly.

Also tested on mxtool ;

SMTP Connection Time 6.989 seconds - Warning on Connection time More Info
SMTP Transaction Time 9.266 seconds - Not good! on Transaction Time More Info
SMTP Banner Check OK - resolves to smail.*.com
SMTP Reverse DNS Mismatch OK - Reverse DNS matches SMTP Banner
SMTP TLS OK - Supports TLS.
SMTP Open Relay OK - Not an open relay.