Email Spam hacking problems


Dec 6, 2013
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I wanted to ask for some advice on what procedures we can take to minimize our spam problems and also be able to counteract it much quicker.

Due to old scripts (particularly wordpress), accounts end up getting hacked and spam messages are sent out. This causes the server IP to become blacklisted by the likes of gmail/hotmail/symantics etc. effecting all the clients on the server - as their emails get rejected.

We believe some hacker is really trying to target our shared servers, scanning it and looking for old scripts to exploit.

So far, we're trying to email all clients telling them to update their wordpress scripts (or any old scripts they have). Is there anything else we can do, like is there some option/script we can run which would email notify us if there has been a suspiciously high amount of emails being sent out by someone in a short amount of time?

Thanks for any advice.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Yes, the link mentioned in the previous post is a good place to start:

cPanel - Prevent Email Abuse

In particular, enabling suPHP and suEXEC or mod_ruid2 is very useful for helping to quickly determine the source of the SPAM so you can stop it.

Thank you.