Email spam randomly started

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Aug 11, 2020
Orange County, CA
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Randomly Last night EMAIL SPAM from my domain started! I host a website and it's been attacked before in 2017. I had to start fresh.

I Have SMF Forum installed and left it.. Never did anything with it, and bots took it over lol. But last night and today I kept getting emails of spam from

boards@forums dot cashisonline dot com

I went in and changed email then to random new email i made in cpanel to SMF out of curiosity if that was the culprit! For my surprise it was. I put SMF for maintenance mode and it stopped.
Was the forum hacked?
How do i fix if so.. malware? rootkit?

I'm running immunify 360 with cloud Linux also and it isn't find any viruses.

Also, how is

only 23 left.. how? I Ran all the clear commands from this website How to clear disk space on cPanel server ⋆ SysAdminStuff

gave me 16 gb of free space, but that cleared only /home and not /

why is only 23g free for / ?




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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! It does sound like there was a compromise on the forum itself. If you aren't able to find the actual source of the messages, I'd recommend working through our guide here to see if that will help you narrow down the directory or script that is sending them:

At least you already know the account where this is happening though, but I'd recommend changing all passwords for both SMF and any email users just to be safe.