Email startup before timezone set creating problems

Richard Powell

Oct 11, 2016
Portland, OR
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
I have this problem that occurs anytime I need to reboot a cPanel server. I've got a Barracuda spam firewall that will hold on to incoming emails, and then immediately deliver them the moment port 25 opens up on the cPanel server.

The problem is that port 25 opens up before the time zone (-8 hours in my case) is set. This results in emails having a time stamp of 8 hours in the future. While this may not seem like a critical issue, I've got one customer this has happened to twice in the last 45 days due to me having to reboot the server unexpectedly. And because of the way her iPhone displays the emails, she's not seeing the messages until 8 hours later, or not at all in some cases. I could see this being a potential problem with any IMAP client.

Does anyone have ideas to resolve this issue?

I'm currently thinking of 1) some way to set the timezone earlier in the boot process, or 2) delay Exim from starting up until much later in the boot process.

Anyone else have a better, simpler idea?