Email to Hotmail Goes to Junk Folder


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Jan 24, 2006

All outgoing email seems to work fine on my server, but recently emails to hotmail have started being put in the junk folder.

I do have reverse DNS setup and emails to AOL, Road Runner, Yahoo, etc work fine.

Anyone have ideas as to why this happens?

Thanks a lot.


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Sep 4, 2004
Good Luck. Hotmail just initiated a new spam scannign service from Symantec called Brightmail back in June. Then they also have internal filters. And when you look for help, each points the finger to the other one.

Visit for more information.

The only real suggestion I got from them: Have an SPF record setup. Also have it setup without the "ptr" option (apparently too much straign on the lookups).

I get more spam in my hotmail inbox then ever before, and I get legit e-mail to the junk mail folder. Brightmail says our one of our mailings wasn't tagged by their test runs, and ms says we're not on their ip block list, so no one can really help. Best bet is to remind users if they sign up for a newsletter to add your e-mail (or your list mailer email) to their address book (spam whitelist).