Apr 18, 2020
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Hi all!

My company is on a shared hosting cpanel and we're using the default webmail (eg. roundcube) and some of us add the mail server to our email software/app

My boss wants to track all emails sent/received of all email accounts. Previously we got a staff that got fired because he start contacting all our customers and stealing them to his new company... so boss wants to have a record of everything in case something like this happen again

Is there something we can do? I can set email forwarders but problem is
- staff can find out if they check email forwarders tab in their webmail
- forwarders only captures emails received, we want to capture emails sent by our staff too

Hope for your advise and suggestions, thank you!

Free or Paid solutions also can


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Nov 20, 2014
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For incoming, You could try filters at cpanel level, you might have to create a seperate one for each user, rather than a global filter
Maybe something on the lines:

If to contains [email protected], then deliver to folder (inbox) and redirect to [email protected]
I'm not sure if it would work though, as it has two conflicting instructions.

As for outgoing

We had a situation very similar to yours whereby an employee was divulging information to a competitor.
I installed a java script in his outlook software which would send a hidden bcc to the boss.

Highly unethical though, so I can't share the details I'm afraid.


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Oct 19, 2012
Orlando, FL
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Does your cpanel account have the Archive section.? That can be used to store a copy of all incoming and outgoing email on the server. It can archive forever or be set to a time period. It will not archive existing emails, but will handle new emails. The Archive can be accessed via IMAP or webmail directly or can be downloaded.

Other than that a custom exim filter file can be used to automatically copy emails via the unseen deliver option, but that would require access outside of the cpanel account.


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Nov 14, 2017

@kdean's suggestion of archiving would work if you're archiving all mail. Otherwise with the level of access required to create a system level filter that would automatically send all email from all email users on the account would need to be higher than website owner. You can read about archiving here: Archive | cPanel & WHM Documentation

You could look into to some paid mail relay services which can do this or if you don't want to set it up, services like Outlook365 and googleapps also have the capabilities to do this.