Email will forward but not alias; need to change “from” field for wedding RSVPs


Mar 14, 2003
I need to send results from RSVP forms on customer sites to my customer's email but when I do the “from” field shows it is from [email protected] I find that to be rather unprofessional and would like to have the response emails to be from [email protected] instead. I set up the form to go to [email protected] and then created a forward on the cpanel to send replies to the customer email addresses from [email protected] but the “from” field still shows it to be from [email protected]

If anyone can give some help on how I might change this it would be greatly appreciated. I’m setting this up for clients today and could use some input as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance!!!


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Dec 7, 2001
Depends on what you are using to send the emails. Most scripting languages that let you send email also let you alter the headers being sent out - this is where you would change this. You would simply need to add the From: and Reply-To: headers with the email address you want to show the email as from.