SOLVED Emails are auto deleting after 3 days


Aug 2, 2020
Auckland, New Zealand
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We have 2 email accounts. Email1 is just accessed via MS Outlook. And Email2 other is accessed via MS Outlook and iPhone.

For both Email1 and Email2 I've set it up in MS Outlook so that it deletes emails from the server after 7 days.

When I login to Email1 via Roundcube, I see that emails are deleting after 7 days which is correct.

However, Email2 for some reason the emails are deleting on Roundcube after 3 days. I installed Email2 onto the user's iPhone via the autoscript in Cpanel. And I can't see any settings in iPhone about deleting emails from server presumably because the autoscript sets it up as IMAP.

Anyway, the only reason I'm concerned, is that I don't want that user to go away from the office for a few days, and then return to find that when loading MS Outlook it only pulls through 3 days of emails because the rest on the server were deleted.

Does anyone have any wisdom?



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Nov 14, 2017
Does the email continue to delete after 3 days with the mail client disconnected on Email2 can you confirm that the client is *still* set to remove email after 3 days?