Emails bouncing at first, then going through.


Feb 7, 2005
So I have WHM 10.6.0 and CPanel 10.8.0-R65, recently updated.

And while I'm not sure it's related to the update or not, lately my clients have been reporting that emails being sent to them are being bounced back for the first day or so. Then, suddenly, they start working.

I saw this firsthand today as I sent an email I knew existed on my server, yet it still bounced (error 550). Then a couple minutes later, I tried it again and it worked (and it worked when my client sent an email to it as well).

I know what you're all must be DNS, right? Well, these particular accounts had been set up for a few days (15th) and DNS resolved to their website just fine. So I'm pretty sure it's not that.

The only constant here is that both accounts were setup via a Reseller account with my server. It also doesn't appear that all of the reseller's domains had this happen, but that at least 2 domains were affected.

It's almost as if the mail accounts need a few warm ups before actually allowing emails through.......anyone have this happen to them, too?



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Jun 15, 2002
Go on, have a guess
The only way to tell what is happening is to watch your exim_mainlog when you're sending emails and note the errors/messages that are generated.