Emails from one domain not getting to every account on server


Nov 12, 2007
I'm using cPanel 11 and I am having a problem with emails being sent to one pesky email account. I am running Spam Assassin and have a filter set to automatically delete all emails with a spam score above 5.0. I do not have any other filters currently running.

The emails are coming from Constant Contact (email marketing company) and every account on my server receives it fine except for a new [email protected] account that I just set up which almost never receives the emails from CC's domains. If I send the offending email to my personal account (another ISP) or from one of the accounts on my server that IS accepting email correctly and then forward it to the [email protected] account it gets there without a problem.

I've been getting other emails just fine on that account and *some* emails from Constant Contact, but not all. I got a list of their domains and about 15 IPs they share and I whitelisted them everywhere I could think of - SpamAssassin, email whitelists, and checked for blocked IPs in the IP Deny Manager. Still no emails. I even went so far as to turn off every filter and Spam Assassin to see if they were the culprit - still no emails from that domain getting to that address. The addresses that are getting the email report a "X-Spam-Status: No, score=-2.4" so it's not spam.

I'm thinking I overlooked something when I set up the initial [email protected] account but I can't figure it out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.