Emails in Junk folder in Round Cube are not being download locally


Feb 3, 2021
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I believe the title of the topic describes the issue I am facing properly.

When I login to any cPanel's email account using Round Cube, I see a Junk folder there with emails inside. But those emails are not being downloaded to the Microsoft's Outlook Junk/Spam folder, or any folder in general.

The emails are setup as POP and there is no way we can now convert those to IMAP.

I see only 2 alternatives for this:

1. Disable "Spam Box" under Spam Filters. Will this deliver all junk/spam emails to the inbox folders? And if so, will the spam ones be marked somehow?
2. Disable Spam Assassin entirely. By doing that will all emails go to the inbox unfiltered?

Looking forward to your suggestions.

Thank you so much in advance


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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! I can't say for sure if either of those options would handle things how you expect. Spam Box wouldn't be related, but your second option of disabling SpamAssassin entirely would deliver everything to the inbox. It would then be up to the individual client to ensure there is no filtering happening at the client level.

Some applications have the ability to subscribe to only certain folders. For example, to see the Junk/Spam directories in Thunderbird, you need to specifically click that option:

so you may want to check your Outlook settings to see if there is something similar you can adjust there to handle that.


Jan 8, 2014
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Hi, I have the same problem, I need to check the Junk folder in my webmail every day cause the Junk folder in Roundcube does not download to my Junk Email folder in Outlook 2019, My locally Junk folder is empty. The question is, how to download the Junk folder from RoundCube to the Junk folder in Outlook 2019?