Emails not being received

Operating System & Version
linux 2.4.54
cPanel & WHM Version
102.0 (build 24)


Mar 12, 2021
Ellensburg, WA
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Website Owner
I have set up an email under my domain (a GoDaddy account using cPanel) and it works fine sending emails to my Gmail email, but it does not receive messages sent from a Gmail account back to that cPanel email account. Gmail notifies me that the email is not configured properly to receive messges. I apologize for being a novice, but I'm trying to figure out the steps to resolve the issue. I believe I have a proper MX record set up. I have not found the EMail Deliverability setting in cPanel. Any help would be great!


Jurassic Moderator
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Oct 19, 2014
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Root Administrator
Hey there! Do you only have access to your cPanel account, and not root access to the entire server? If so, you'll want to contact GoDaddy to have them review the server logs to see why that message is happening and what needs to change to get things working.