emails not being removed from server via pop3


Oct 16, 2010
Hi there,

I hope someone can help me with this, since approximately the 21st september all of the accounts i have that are hosted with cpanel appear to have stopped removing emails from the server, my settings are set to leave them on all but one of my pc's which is set to remove them after 7 days, i have tried this on multiple computers and changed settings to see if any of them will delete the messages from the server, i have spent about the last 3 days searching google for answers to see if it has been asked before , found various old solutions relating to pst files and multiple accounts but it didnt work for me, i have also tried swapping from outlook 2007 to outlook 2010 then when that didnt work i swapped to thunderbird with still the same issue , can anyone shed any light on this ? my googlemail account is still working as it should i believe,

Thanks in advance



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Oct 2, 2010
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Hi Andy,

Do you have root SSH access to the machine. I really have no idea how to troubleshoot this one without a ticket being opened. If you do have root access to your machine, please open a ticket either by clicking the link in my signature or using WHM > Support Center > Contact cPanel

If you do not have root to your machine, please have your hosting provider open a ticket with us if they are unable to determine the cause.