Emails not coming through for only 1 site?


Apr 28, 2003
Hey everyone,
I have a really quirky problem that I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out.

Ok, I have several domains on the server. 3 of them are my main sites [cybersha] [ebedit] [ecover]

Ok... so I have catchalls for all 3 domains. Each catchall looks something like

all unrouted mail for [] goes to [default user].
(i listed the default user above in brackets, and appropriate domain).

Now, if you write to me at the ebookedit and ecoverstudio domain (anything@) I will get it.

If you write to me at the cybershare domain (anything@), I will *NOT* get it.

I have a couple of pops setup on cybershare too.... they used to be working. Now, I seem to not get any e-mail there... no matter what I do.

Any ideas where I can even START to look for the problem? I'm seriously going bald.

Thanks for any ideas...
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