empty / partial accounts after messy restore


Apr 24, 2008
Hi all,

I have a situation where my drive was failing and while I was trying to do the standard backup technique the datacenter pulled the drive.

I started off using the backup utility built in to WHM (to get my biggest clients back online) then switched gears in the middle of the situation and used the rsync method seen around the internet. problem now is, the server is back working and most data is restored however, logging into ftp shows no data just the location of / , further when i login to these users cpanel accounts, there are no email addresses (even though there are mailboxes in the home directory for these accounts). this is only occurring with the accounts I used the usual restore method on. WHM seems to show the accounts correctly (using the right disk space etc) but cpanel, ftp, and many other services act as if there is no home/user folder. All their data on these accounts is in the correct place, so im a little baffled.

Having trouble determining what my next move should be?

please help, I only have the old drive slaved for another day or so.

Thank you
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