Enable Cpanel Users to block email from defined IP addresses?


Dec 14, 2007
Some of our cpanel users have requested ability to manually block specific ip addresses from being able to deliver email. Does the IP deny manager do this? It looks like it only blocks visitors to the website.....

Is there any way to accomplish blocking at a cpanel user without us having to manually enter ip's to blacklist in exim?

Any feedback appreciated!


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Nov 5, 2008
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I just came across the account level filtering. It doesn't look like it accepts ip's but will it accept @sender.com or does it need [email protected] to block?? Thanks!
It's possible to setup the filter using "contains" (instead of "equals") and only enter the desired string of text that you wish to have matched; it does not have to be a full e-mail address, and specifically, it could be just the domain name if desired.

I recommend the following documentation resources for additional clarification and details:
AccountFiltering < AllDocumentation/CpanelDocs < TWiki
UserFiltering < AllDocumentation/CpanelDocs < TWiki