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Aug 23, 2012
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I have a site on a WHM/CentOS dedicated server. This 144.x.x.x server has a client who has a remote database on a different server (37.x.x.x) and he needs to connect his script from the local server over to that 37.x server using a remote MySQL connection.
Up until now all he gets when we try to connect is the error:

IP Be 144.x.x.xFailed to connect to MySQL: (2002) Connection refused

If this winds up being a CSF issue let me know and I'll ask over there but starting here in case it is something else.

I am guessing that error means that 144.x is blocking outbound connections? If so, any idea what I need to open up in order to enable this outbound SQL connection? If not, any ideas on how to get this connection working?


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Nov 14, 2017
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Connection refused does indeed sound firewall related - I'd second @nixuser's advice and ensure that the servers are whitelisted in both places.