Enabling two NIC's public/local


Feb 16, 2010
We have been working on a server migration and datacenter setup for the last several weeks... we have two WHM/cPanel servers in our dc with several other servers for video streaming, backups etc... Since our web servers only have 1.5TB available on them we want to utilize the larger disk arrays on our other servers over NFS as well as be able to access a backup array that is mounted on one of the other servers. Since the WHM servers are attached directly to the firewall using the public IP's on eth0 and each server has two available NICs, we want to enable eth1 on the local static network through our GigE Switch.

If you enable eth1 WHM, Apache everything fails.. once we restart the network service everything goes back to normal but eth1 is disabled again, its strange these are the only two servers that have this issue therefore figured it might be something in WHM that is causing it to fail.

All our server are running CentOS 5

We have dedicated support but I though i'd try here first, any ideas community?

Thanks ~ jc
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