Jan 12, 2013
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You are not well
I can not believe that you have declared an end to support for FreeBSD - Operating System End of Life Policy for cPanel & WHM

What we do, we use only FreeBSD, you'll blow it?

You nyasno you that if you have linux (****) he not upgradable give an example:

Сentos(****) using lower version for 4-5 years you had to upgrade - only large problems, it can not go up, some without brains did.
You can count on FreeBSD When things are quite good (by thinking people) and able to move gradually from FreeBSD 5 > 6 > 6.3 > 7.3 > 8 > 8.2 > 9.1-PRERELEASE
without any problems, I assure you this will confirm it and the world.

I want to assure you that there are many web hosting companies around the world who use FreeBSD, for greater security. Linix unsure Believe
Everyone in Russia and China use BSD, FreeBSD depriving our community we support you seek for alternative panels as zpanel, you will lose markets.

I talk about everything can be verified by experts

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