SOLVED End user unable to use password recovery


Oct 17, 2018
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
I'm on Cpanel version 74.0.9, trying to get password recovery to work for end users.

According to comments on this thread, I turned on "Reset Password for Subaccounts" in my WHM Tweak Settings interface, but when an end user tries to reset the password from the login screen, it still doesn't work.

To test this, I created a new user with a contact email address. The new user invite works perfectly, and I'm able to set a new password from the link, but when trying to reset the password from the login screen, I still get a "This feature is disabled" error. The other thread said it's important that the email account is a subaccount, but I see no option to set that on the User Manager page, nor is there an option to change an account to a subaccount.

What am I missing here? Is there a security setting in WHM that's preventing this?