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Nov 29, 2006
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We are pleased to announce the release of Enkompass 1.6.1!

Major Features

You now have the ability to run multiple versions of PHP 5. This feature starts with a default version of PHP that is shared among all accounts but allows the ability to turn PHP on or off on a per-account basis. It also allows other versions to PHP 5 to be installed and assigned on a per-domain, add-on domain, and sub-domain basis.


Streamlined password modifications that no longer require users to be logged out

Server administrators have the ability to force a rewrite of ApplicationHost.config on all of their web servers.

Inded.asp, index.aspx, and index.php have been added to the default web page list that is controlled by IIS.

Domain names can now be redirected to an IP address with an optional port number.

Mail Enable 5.06 is supported (previous version of 5.05 was found to be defective and not available for use).

Enkompass product successfully tested for compatibility issues against Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.

Finally, updating you server has become a little easier with server reboots taking place on your schedule. The latest release of Enkompass provides:

Email notifications to server administrators that lets them know a reboot is required.

Delayed updates that can now occur if the servers resources are low or the server is
already awaiting a reboot.

Beyond more control over how server reboots occur, server administrators can configure
the server to be automatically restarted after software updates are applied.

The end result of this update is a higher degree of control for server administrators that results in a controlled environment that reduces server downtime.

Ongoing feedback and features requests can be submitted via cPanel's online community.

And of course our technical support team is readily available to answer your questions or address issues with this release.

Enkompass 1.6.1 Change Log:

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