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Nov 29, 2006
Houston, TX
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cPanel, Inc is happy to announce the release of Enkompass 2.0. This latest release represents a significant evolution of the Enkompass product including:

  • Emulation of cPanel & WHM’s XML-API, an industry standard for billing automation
  • Support for Classic ASP as well as more ASP configuration options
  • Re-designed bandwidth monitoring system, allowing more flexibility
  • Re-written backup system, lowering resource usage and providing additional restoration control
  • Several significant user interface refinements beginning the moment you login
  • Many performance and resource usage enhancements
Enkompass now supports Classic ASP, ASP.NET, ASP.NET 2.0/3.5 and ASP.NET 4.0. This can be configured on a per-account basis by a server administrator or reseller. Additionally, by granting the “Configure ASP.NET Framework” role to web site owners, they can configure their account via the Web Site Owner interface. Also available is the option to switch between Classic and Integrated Pipeline Mode.

Use of ASP is now optional, and accounts will not have ASP capabilities enabled by default anymore. Disabling ASP can save up to 20 megabytes of memory per account. As a result of this change, we have modified the default docs to be as follows (in order): index.php, Default.htm, Default.asp, index.htm, index.html, iisstart.htm, default.aspx, index.aspx, index.asp, and default.html. Please note that there are rare scenarios where this can adversely influence which file is used for a Web Site Owner's homepage.

Enkompass 2.0 also introduces new measures to thwart malicious activity. Among them are two Tweak Settings: Commonly Spoofed Domain Protection and External Domain Protection. Commonly Spoofed Domain Protection prevents the use of commonly spoofed domains like and External Domain Protection stops someone from registering an account on your Enkompass deployment using domains already managed by your local DNS.

Knowing when to update Enkompass is now easier. After upgrading to Enkompass 2.0, the system administrator will now receive an email whenever an update for Enkompass is available. To further ease the updating process, an icon will appear on the home screen in System Administration Interface when an update is available.

For more detailed information about Enkompass 2.0, please refer to the Enkompass change log available at

You may notice that the XML-API emulation is labeled as beta in the change log. This initial release of the XML-API within Enkompass provides the core functionality requested by our users. We anticipate requests for enhanced functionality in the near future. We hope the beta label will entice our users to actively submit requests for new functionality. We encourage you to make use of this remote API as soon as possible and get involved in its evolution.

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