Jan 24, 2005
Hi Guys Im New Ere and not too good at programming and all but does anyone know why no one ever gets any answers from the CPanel people here i mean ive been looking around on here and there are hardly any questions that have been answered properly, and i have a probem also with my Entropy Search,

I can search with it and it works but for my addon domain it won't work :-

If you go to my site www.fantasybladez.com and do a search you will know what i mean, you see when i do a search i get results but the URL is incorrect due to it being on a addon domain so instead of showing :-

http://www.fantasybladez.com/products/daggers/angelofdeath/index.htm as the link

It shows under the addon domain like the below :-


Which to the link never works.

Any help appreciated.



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Sep 26, 2004
This is an unofficial "user support' forum... where other users try to help out people having problems and occasionally cpanel support people will show up to clarify or help on an issue. There is no guaranteed support here. Open a support ticket with your datacenter or cpanel itself if you want your issue looked at by official support.

It looks like entropy search is using the filesystem path, instead of the url, for your addon domain links... You can try filing a bugzilla report at http://bugzilla.cpanel.net and maybe cpanel will fix it.

I'd just use some other search script though... I don't like entropy search. Check hotscripts.com for one that meets your needs.