Error accessing Addon Scripts/Addon Modules

Dec 30, 2003
I get the following error when I access either the Addon Scripts or Addon Modules in my root WHM.

Unable to retrieve modules [an error or timeout occurred while processing this directive]
[SAVE]* cPanel is not responsible for any aspect of third party scripts/themes. All trademarks are owned by their respective companies. Please send all questions reguarding this feature to [email protected].

Now, earlier, when I got this........I came here and saw that the CPanel update server had a hard drive I thought "Hmmm......maybe it's got something to do with that and I didn't get the full update to Current 42".

So I updated CPanel again (to Current 42).

It worked and I was able to uninstall clamavconnector, which is what I'd been trying to do because it was giving my end users problems uploading stuff and I couldn't find the darn config file despite (even after searching in the forum and doing what was suggested).'s doing it again.

Is there something wrong on my end? Or what?

Thanks so much in advance, ya'll. :)