error can't find server - 3170

Fiona Lanzino

Jun 3, 2019
united kingdom
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Hi please help!
Over the weekend a couple of the emails I host for friends stopped sending (they can receive the emails ok though). However when I went into their email via webmail I was able to send emails from their accounts that way ok.
Nothing has changed on their computers settings wise and they have been working for quite a few years before.
When they try to send from Outlook they get an error saying can't find the server with an error code 3170.
I looked in the mailboxes and there were loads of strange looking dovecot files - can these be deleted - could they be corrupt files as a couple of weeks ago a couple of my wordpress sites got malware (not the sites these emails are from though!)
thanks :)

doing a couple of screen shots - this is what i'm seeing in the dovecot index log files - doesn't look right?


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