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Aug 21, 2005
This was posted in the forums, but the fix does not apply to my situation.

We have a client who is using a Frontpage form and our shared SSL to submit the data.

Our Apache implementation is Apache/1.3.41 + suexec.

When the user submits his form with:

He receives a 500 Internal Server Error.

The following comes through the suexec log:

[2008-05-07 14:37:49]: info: (target/actual) uid: (USERNAME/USERNAME) gid: (USERNAME/USERNAME) cmd: fpexe
[2008-05-07 14:37:49]: error: command not in docroot (/usr/local/frontpage/version5.0/apache-fp/_vti_bin/fpexe)

We recompiled Apache at the suggestion of the other post we saw in the forums. Afterwords, I checked the build log and the suexec-docroot is set to /. If the target matches the actual and the docroot is /, why would this script fail to execute?