Error: Ensim 3.5.21 transfer into WHM 11.11


Mar 27, 2007
I am trying to transfer a hosting account from an Ensim 3.5.21 server to my WHM 11.11/Cpanel 11.15.0 server and am running into some difficulties.

Error that I receive is:
Attempting to copy USERNAME from
Creating /scripts/... Done
Copying pkgacct-enXim script.....0%.. ..100%.. ...Done
Copying unpkgacct script.....0%.. ..100%.. ...Done
Packaging the account...
Can't use an undefined value as filehandle reference at /scripts/pkgacct line 80.

Warning: file location not sent.. guessing.. this may not work ....
Using the single archive method (/home/cpmove-ppcadm.tar.gz)!
Copy Destination: /home
I have transferred accounts in the past, but it was when my Cpanel was version 10. The most recent successful transfer was Oct 19.

Possibly relevant information:
  1. In previous transfers I had to enable direct root login on the old server, with a alpha-numeric only password. I have done the same this time and verified that ssh can connect to the ensim server.
  2. The user name of the account on the ensim server is the same as a current user on the Cpanel server. I renamed the account user on ensim to a unique name.
  3. The account is on a dedicated IP on the ensim server. None of the previous successful transfers from the same host were on a unique IP.
  4. On attempting the incoming transfer, I have tried the options to leave the username the same as well as changing it locally, with no luck.


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Nov 29, 2006
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Note, if you have root access to the server and are running the latest CURRENT build of cPanel/WHM, you can make use of our free Transfer Assistance Program:

Part of this program involves our support staff assisting you with the migration process from Ensim (or certain other control panels). More details at the URL above.