ERROR: Failed to dump one or more databases


Nov 12, 2012
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator

I have several dedicated servers housed in OVH .

A few days ago I was giving a warning about a possible hard drive failure of the primary server.

Then I decided to transfer the content from one server to another to make a backup of the hard drive.

The copy went smoothly from one server to another by using the WHM "Copy multiple accounts / packages from another server"

After checking that the copy from one server to another had been properly warned to OVH to change the hard drive.

Then from the new hard disk and newly installed CPANEL I repeated the process of transferring the copy was made from another server to this.

But this is where the problem comes, several bills have been copied without problem but I've had problems with two accounts and that it is giving some errors when copying some databases from that account.

For example:

Determining mysql dbs ... DBD :: mysql :: st execute failed: Unknown database 'basededatos_15' at / usr / local / cpanel / Cpanel / line 1511.
DBD :: mysql :: st execute failed: Unknown database 'basededatos_15' at / usr / local / cpanel / Cpanel / line 1511.
(310896019 bytes) basededatos_15/usr/bin/mysqlcheck: Got error: 1049: Unknown database 'basededatos_15' when Selecting the database

So on with multiple databases, finally gives the following error and does not complete the transfer:

ERROR: Failed to dump one or more databases

I tried to copy from WHM several times without success.

I must say that I have only one Cpanel license is active on the server that has changed the hard drive in another server Cpanel there but there are only a trial version that the server has just been hired to dump the contents of the hard drive problems.

Now I'll try doing a manual copy via SSH, with pkgacct, transferring the file with scp and then restorepkg:

/ Scripts / pkgacct cpaneluser

cpmove-* scp :/ home [email protected]

/ Scripts / restorepkg cpaneluser
Viewing the process in the SSH terminal I have seen
which has several flaws, as he could not read certain directories but I could not read well, I tried to record a log but only recorded the end of the process and not pkgacctfile recorded everything.

I do not know, I have copied the backup file to the server and I'll see when I unzip if all is well.

Any idea? Can you help?

Thank you.