Error from domain wrapper: forum is owned by another user.


Sep 30, 2005
Hi folks!

Got a couple of cpanel boxes here at work that I use to handle my personal hosting needs and to test things out before recommending them to our customers that use cpanel.

I tried creating a "" subdomain. Cpanel said "Error from domain wrapper: forum is owned by another user."

Searching around the forums I came a cross a few files to grep incase I'd already added it somewhere, etc but as far as I can find the forum subdomain doesn't exist (atleast as far as I can find out with the following: grep -R "forum" {/etc|/var/named|/var/cpanel} goes there are entries for mod_security but not of the subdomain.

WHM also indicates it can't read /var/cpanel/cpanel.config so I'm leaning towards a permissions error in /var/cpanel.

Searching google has thus far only revealed people having similar issues with addon/parked domains where an entry existed in one of the following files: /etc/trueuserdomains /etc/userdomains /var/named /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

Anyone have any ideas before I fire off a ticket to cpanel?

Edit: I thought it might have been because I had a forum directory already so I've moved it to forums to try and create the forum subdomain, no effect on cpanel.
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