Error Transferring My Website From One Account To Another


Sep 24, 2014
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:) Hello everyone,

I am new here. I have tried searching the forum and all over google, but unable to get a solution for my problem. I appreciate if anyone here can help to solve my issue.

I am trying to transfer my site from one host to my personal vps using the "Copy An Account From Another Server With An Account Password". I keep getting the following error:
Starting “TRANSFER” for Account “username”
Attempting to copy “username” from “”.
Trying to fetch cpmove file via cPanel XML-API!
Fetching current backups from remote server…cPanel Login Failed: HTTP/1.0 900 NET OR SSL ERROR
/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/getremotecpmove 14242: open_tcp_connection: failed `', 2083 (Connection timed out)
Failed to fetch cpmove file via cPanel XML-API.
Failed: Error while executing “/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/getremotecpmove”: The “/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/getremotecpmove” command (process 14242) reported the “EPERM” (1) error when it ended.

I tried uploading the files manually but, I could only upload the mysql database as the home directory files are too large and with my internet connection, it is impossible to upload them. Have tried multiple times and every time my internet connection gets disconnected, I have to start all over again and again. I had success with transferring some of my websites via the "Copy Account From Another Server With Password" method. But, having trouble with one account which was outsourced for some programming work. I am afraid that those programmers might have done something to prevent me from transferring the files automatically. Can someone please tell me how to resolve the error above?

Please help :confused:.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Do you have access to the "Backup" icon in cPanel on the source server in order to generate a full backup of the account?

Thank you.