error with DKIM while custom content on WHM Exim Advanced Editor


Jan 22, 2007

I manage some vps, before I had cpanel/WHM 11.30 and I've been able to work with domainkeys and use some custom code into Exim Advanced Editor

lately cpanel/WHM was upgraded to ver 11.32.2 (build 18),
domainkeys support has been dropped and DKIM added
Exim on the vps is ver 4.77
the problem is that while I try to add custom code into the ROUTERSTART and TRANSPORTSTART sections I got an error
doing some test I end up adding only the exact copy of the dkim router and transport
dkim_lookuphost: and dkim_remote_smtp: (of course with a different label)
but, as soon as there is a dkim related keyword (for example dkim_domain)
I got the error "This version of exim does not support dkim..."
if I use the same code but cut the dkim keywords all is ok.

I need DKIM support only to sign outgoing emails,
we do not receive email so checking incoming is not required

under cpanel - Email Authentication SPF and DKIM are enabled

DKIM keys have been generated for the internal domains and DNS records are present

What can I do to solve it ?

Thanks in advance for your support
Best Regards