error: You do not have access to create that package (0)!


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Mar 13, 2002

In a new Dedicated Server, For creating a reseller account, in the &Reseller Center& i give all the following priviledges EXCEPT:
- All Features (warning: root access)
- Allow Creation of Packages with Shell Access
- Allow Creation of Packages with a Dedicated IP
- Enabling/Disabling SSL Support
- Rearrange Accounts (used to free up disk space)
- Restart Services
- Resync Ftp Passwords
- Turn an account into a demo account
- View Server Status

After that i do the ususl steps, Change the Ownership, change the Nameservers

After Creating the Reseller Account, i login to the Reseller WHM.

And When i &Create an Account& from this reseller account WHM, i get and error message : You do not have access to create that package (0)!

Pls note, i've not defined any packages or using any. Just keying in the figures space, bandwidth etc. and trying to create a small account.

Any inputs on this error?


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Sep 22, 2001
[quote:0ce860174d][i:0ce860174d]Originally posted by pats[/i:0ce860174d]
But if i directly if i click &Create a New Account& and fillin the values and not selecting any Package the this error comes.
Any help???[/quote:0ce860174d]
And is that possible at all? Under &Limit Accounts 'reseller' can create by Resource Usage& I have two forms: one for disk space and bandwith, and other to check which accounts the reseller can create. If you don't check any, I think WHM shouldn't allow the reseller to create any type of account (that's what I infer of that form at least).