Errors after creating new accounts in WHM


Jun 4, 2006
I am a reseller, with Hostgator as my provider, and I was the lucky one to find that they had a system wide problem with WHM and cPanel.

I am trying to help them resolve the issue, and see if I can't learn something in the process :)

I created a domain, in WHM. Here is the output that WHM gave me.

Begin Output

WWWAcct 10.0 (c) 1997-2005 cPanel, Inc.

| New Account Info |
| Domain:
| Ip: (n)
| HasCgi: y
| UserName: *******
| PassWord: *******
| CpanelMod: x
| HomeRoot: /home
| Quota: 50 Meg
| NameServer1:
| NameServer2:
| NameServer3:
| NameServer4:
| Contact Email: *******
Changing password for ********
Password for ******* has been changed
Removing Shell Access (n)
Changing shell for ********.
Shell changed.
Copying skel files from /home/*****/cpanel3-skel/ to /home/*******/
Using Quota v3 Support
[an error occurred while processing this directive][an error occurred while processing this directive]Added Entries to httpd.conf
Bind reconfiguring on modena using rndc
Added Named File

Starting install, port: 80.

Creating web
Chowning Content in service /.
Install completed.
Setting Password
Frontpage passthough auth enabled!
Restarting apache
Updating ftp passwords for *******
Ftp password files updated.
Ftp vhost passwords synced
wwwacct creation finished

Account Creation Complete!!!

End Output

Notice the errors in the middle. I am not sure what goes on during this process, but here are the results.

I was previously with another provider that had cPanel. I moved to HostGator and had them transfer 20 domains. I moved the other 7 domains that I had. The 7 domains that I moved had only 1 email account each, with no website.

The domains that HostGator moved all worked perfectly. The domains that I created seemed to work fine (after HostGator gave me the right priveleges to create domains). But the main (and only) account for each domain could not receive email. I found out that if I created a second account under each domain, the second account could receive email, but the main account bounced emails back with "No Such User Here" errors.

Any ideas on what might cause this issue, and how to resolve it or even what is going on?

Thank you so much for the help and info.


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Jul 12, 2005
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hostgator is one Reliable company one could find, iam with them for 2yr. + and iam 200% satisfied with their quality and response time.

you are not able to Recieve emails on default ID cause it must have been set to :FAIL: by default this is the best settings one could have to keep away loads of spam which can reach your default ID through dictionary attack.

if you still want to be exposed to risk of being SPAMMED you can always set any other value instead of :fail: on "default address" from your cpanel. but thats not recommended.