/etc/shadow is driving me crazy!! help


Sep 28, 2004
Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
Hi guys,
For the 5th or 6th time in 4 days, the /etc/shadow is causing me major problems. Every so often, it seems like the file gets overwrote with a copy of the same file but it's missing all the passwords. At first, I suspected curruption, but the file itself looks good, no weird caracters, its just missing the encrypted passwords in there.
We restore from a backup, then the problem happens again. Of course, you all can imagine the amount of support this produces when this happens on a server with over 1000 accounts.

I checked my crons to make sure everything is in order there and I found nothing that could be causing the problem.
I've tried the RELEASE and STABLE versions of cPanel but this does not seem to make a difference.

Is it possible that cPanel is overwriting the shadow file with some data it's fetching in a bad file somewhere else? Maybe it's an other password file that is causing the problem ?! .... I'm just confused now. I had this happen in the past, but it was a one time deal. In this case, the problem keeps occuring.

Any ideas?? :rolleyes:

Thanks a bunch!

Dan P.