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Evaluating Cpanel : dns, backup, custom httpd.conf etc

Discussion in 'Bind / DNS / Nameserver Issues' started by robert.mena, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. robert.mena

    robert.mena Member

    Apr 25, 2007
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    I am evaluating cpanel and other hosting solutions. So I came up with a list of features and try to do in all in order to better decide which one should I buy.

    So far I ended with the following unsolved questions:
    a) How do I customize the template of the created DNS zone?
    b) how does the backup work for MySQL? Does it perform a mysqldump?
    c) I'd like to disable a few statistics from the home page of the user. I've tried the feature manager with no luck.
    d) how do I disable perl? A common security problem the user uploads a perl script (or even via a xoomps, joomla, drupal etc failure) so I starts scanning the HD and replacing files...
    e) How do I change the default webpage when I access the regular
    f) How can I disable the DNS to perform recursive queries for not local domains?
    g) How do I disable directory listing in httpd.conf?
    e) How do I specify the default language for an account so when he/she logs in it is already in that language.

  2. cPanelDavidG

    cPanelDavidG Technical Product Specialist

    Nov 29, 2006
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    Keep in mind that since this is a community forum, my answers here will be a bit more terse than they would be if you had submitted a sales/pre-sales inquiry to Support & Customer Service | cPanel, Inc. - so if you need further clarification and explanation, please drop me an email at that address.

    To edit a zone, WHM -> DNS Functions -> Edit DNS Zone.

    To edit a template, WHM -> DNS Functions -> Edit Zone Templates

    Depends on the backup. For hosting account owners, yes, it's essentially a SQL dump. For server backups, it's a copying of the contents of /var/mysql

    If you are talking about the statistics on the left sidebar, those can be removed with the branding editor if you desire.

    cPanel/WHM is programmed in Perl so disabling it system wide is not a good idea. I'd recommend running SuExec (and for PHP: SuPHP) so user scripts run as the user thus they are limited by user permissions. Upon installation, cPanel/WHM will run /scripts/securetmp to secure your /tmp directory.

    What precisely do you mean? Do you mean branding the cPanel interface?

    If I read your question correctly, you want to disable DNS Recursion? Just submit a support ticket and one of our support staff members can do that for you. I hear it's a quick modification.

    You can insert custom httpd.conf directives via the WHM interface via WHM -> Service Configuration -> Apache Setup

    Creating a .lang file in the skeleton directory as described here handles this.

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