Even worse... SMTP now reject Auth since we fixed the Cwd problem

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Jun 30, 2002
We had the Cwd problem, and removed cpanel pro, followed by upcp.

On 1 of our server, it fixed the problem, but on the other 2 having problems, now our SMTP passwords are always refused.

We tried everything, and there is no way for us to login, several clients are reporting the same problem, but not all of them.

I had a technician send an e-mail from his ISP from the SAME e-mail account, and he was able to login.

We are getting a password refusal error, not a connection error.

I tried upcping again, restarting all services. I don't know what to do now !


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Jun 15, 2002
Go on, have a guess
Please don't start new threads when there is an existing one open. As Nick has said in the Cwd post, if you are still having problems after the fix he posted, then you should log a support ticket with cPanel.
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