Exchange server setup , first time questions

Adam h

Feb 8, 2014
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Hi guys, I own a small web host of which is filled with mostly our clients from other services or clients long term clients over the years. Although we are very much aimed at small businesses this is the first exchange server i personally have dealt with and while my main server admin is away i thought id try and learn something new and surprise him and probably myself :D

I have setup the domains DNS zones in WHM so that the mail points to the server in a company's office, it has an external IP and will be used as a priority of 5.

Thats all working fine, The nameservers propagated yesterday and they are receiving mail to the exchange server.

Now there is currently 8 emails setup on the exchanges server ( so the IT guy says ) which are also setup in cpanel.

Now my question is, if i was to setup an email address in cpanel which isnt setup on the exchange server "should" it automatically look for the address on the next priority ( which is the localhost )

I basically want the exchange server to be first line of emails but if that was to go down i want our server to take over so the company still gets their mail no matter what.

Have i set it up correctly to do that :


Ive setup the MX entry also .


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Yes, it's acceptable to setup a backup mail server with a different priority so it handles email activity in the event the higher prioritized mail server is down. However, note that actual emails and email accounts are not synchronized between the servers. You have to manually configure them on both servers individually. For instance, if you change the password of an email account on one mail server, you have to go in and manually change it on the other.

Thank you.