Ionita Dragos

Sep 24, 2004
I have a question regarding the EXIM mailserver.
I had looked over the documentation at again and again, but I can't
find a way to add mail users on the servers.

I need to automatically add users, much like on a free mail service. My site is based on PHP. We have tried with PERL and the IMAP protocol but IMAP cannot generate accounts.

I figured that since the adding works fine on your cpanel, you will provide me with the answer.

Please assist/guide to the correct track

Thank you


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Jun 15, 2002
Go on, have a guess
It's nothing to do with Exim. Exim is an SMTP server and has no concept of an account, as such, only a mailbox. From what you've said, you're looking for a way to create a user account to access email, which you would access through a POP3 or IMAP server. Traditionally, on a Linux server. these would simply be normal user accounts.

However, cPanel have their own POP3 server, called cppop, and a modified IMAP server, that has been written to cater for virtual user accounts using special passwd and shadow files which have nothing to do with server accounts.

The only way, in a cPanel environment, to have additional usernames on a domain is to create them through cPanel.

There are various scripts that have been written (do a search on these forums) that provide a front-end for signing up user accounts easily, or you can look at the very many perl or PHP solutions that use the catchall alias (Default Account) to provide alternative email accounts.

An example of the latter would be