Exim ACL configuration issue


Jan 15, 2010
I get this message and in an email.

Notification => REMOVED via EMAIL [level => 1]

cPanel was unable to automatically merge your Exim configuration with the new settings that shipped
with the build you have installed (11.25.0-CURRENT_45479) because you have a custom ACL configuration
which cannot be automatically configured.

To avoid any mail downtime, we thought it was best to leave
your previous configuration intact until the new configuration can be properly installed. In order to
complete this configuration update, you will need to manually merge your configuration with the new
configuration settings. Please follow the steps below to complete this update:

1. Enter the Advanced Configuration Editor
2. Notate any custom changes you have made in the ACL section.
You may also which to make a copy of /etc/exim.conf.local
and /etc/exim.conf.localopts as custom settings are contained in these files.
3. Click the 'Reset ACL Config to Defaults' button.
4. Reinstall your advanced custom settings.

Note: Until you manually complete this update, automatic spam filtering may have been rendered inoperable to
prevent any mail loss. (This generally only applied is you were upgrading from cPanel 10.x)

Current Config Version: 6.800000
New Config Version: 7.000000

When I try step 3 I get this error:

Exim Configuration Editor
Your Exim ACL configuration has been reset to the defaults.

Failed to save new settings.

Restoring previous configuration.
How do i fix this?


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Apr 8, 2008
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I get this message and in an email.

When I try step 3 I get this error:

How do i fix this?
Have you got a chattr on any exim configuration file on the server. You can list down the customizations that you have in your exim configuration, log into the server and run eximup script to forcefully update exim. After that you can apply your customizations again.