Exim allow recipient that matches pattern


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Jan 22, 2005

I'm not too familiar with configuring Exim and would like to ask for some help.

The only changes I've made to the Exim configuration are those lisetd in the tutorial at http://www.webhostgear.com/175.html

In my configuration, in the ACL section I have the following lines that reject mail that is not addressed to a valid local user:

#**# Reject Email to Invalid Recipient
message = unknown user
verify = recipient
A website I'm developing needs to allow mail to a potentially unlimited amount of invalid recipients, all matching a certain pattern, and so the above config isn't too good (in fact I've commented it out for the moment in my Exim config).

I'd like to keep rejecting mail that is not addressed to a valid recipent but at the same time, for mail that is not addressed to a valid recipient only, allow mail where the recipient matches a certain pattern.

I'd like Exim to accept mail where the recipient matches "[email protected]" (where, just to be clear, anything means anything, and all the rest is literal). I'd also like Exim to use more than one pattern, thereby allowing me to set Exim to accept mail per domain if clients so wish.

Again, just to be clear, I'd only want these conditions to be checked where mail is addressed to an invalid recipient and not just to blindly accept all mail where the recipient matches the specified patterns.

I reckon my knowledge of regular expressions is sufficient to come up with the required regular expressions, however my knowledge of Exim is abysmally limited and so I could do with some help in setting the conditions in the configuration.

If someone would be kind enough to point out what changes I would need to make to the above listed lines and suggest where the regular expressions are to go, I'd be foreever grateful!

Thanks so much to anyone who can help me!