Exim and AOL accounts


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Apr 16, 2002
N.W. Iowa

We are currently using Exim 3.34.1 on a RH/Linux 6.2. We have the most recent
stable WHM and Cpanel installed. When using a Perl written mass mailer, that
sends out approximately 1-2000 emails twice a day, we seem to have a real
delay problem when sending out emails to AOL accounts. On the average,
the from the time the email is sent from our server, to when the AOL account
recieves it, is usually anywhere from 4-6hrs later! We've added some additional
settings in the exim.conf file, to help increase the speed of how the email
is sent, adding &auto_thaw=60s&, &split_spool_directory&, which is recommended
when using heavy loads on the server or mass mailer applications as we use. We
have noticed a marked improvement, over-all, when sending our mass mailings,
..EXCEPT with the AOL accounts.

We have used the same identical mass mailer perl program on other servers
that use &Sendmail&, with absolutly no problems, and no time delays when
sending to the same AOL email accounts, Sendmail seems to have no problems
sending out the mass mailings. But Exim seems to really have a problem with it

I am told we can not install Sendmail, as this will break the Cpanel email
features provided by Exim.

I'm hoping someone else may have experienced this type of problem or may
have some suggestions on how to correct this. Or if it is at all possible
to install Sendmail, without conflicting with Exim and the Cpanel setup.

Thank you,