Exim.conf and cPanel 11.28 upgrade issue


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May 3, 2005
Carmichael, CA
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During the last two cPanel upgrades (on RELEASE, 11.28) there's been a problem with merging the exim.conf:

cPanel was unable to automatically merge your Exim configuration with the new settings that shipped with the build you have installed
Is this a bug or has something changed? Is this going to happen with each and every cPanel upgrade from here on?

When I upgraded to 11.28.35-RELEASE_50509 whatever changed with Exim caused no RBL filtering to be done by Exim, and the spam floodgates were basically opened.

Oddly enough I never got the [mailconfigupdate] email then, until Nov. 16th when I restarted Exim in an attempt to troubleshoot why the server's spam filters weren't working. I can't imagine that Exim wasn't restarted during the cPanel upgrade, when exim.conf was changed and/or couldn't be merged?

I use MailScanner but have Exim set to filter based on RBL first. I thought whatever happened then was a fluke, as this is the same exim.conf I've used for years, and never had a problem with cPanel upgrades.

Just now I upgraded to 11.28.45-RELEASE_50618, and same issue. Thankfully I was ready for it this time.

Anyone else seeing this? Is this intended behavior, a bug, or just our server?