exim.conf - removing boxtrapper (boxtraper)


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Jan 22, 2005
I've recently noticed quite a few of the following in /var/log/exim_mainlog and exim_paniclog:

2005-08-29 19:47:08 failed to expand condition "${perl{checkbx_autowhitelist}{$authenticated_id}}" for boxtraper_autowhitelist router: Undefined subroutine &main::checkbx_autowhitelist called.

2005-08-29 19:47:08 failed to expand condition "${perl{checkbx_autowhitelist}{$authenticated_id}}" for boxtraper_autowhitelist router: Undefined subroutine &main::checkbx_autowhitelist called.
Firstly, I know that there have been some threads about this recently, however this goes on a little more . . .

I've since followed some instructions for fully getting rid of anything boxtrapper, since, from what I've read, it's no longer present in cPanel. Specifically, I found the following post very useful http://forums.cpanel.net/showthread.php?p=205863#post198814:

linux-image said:
q. Is there a way to turn it [boxtrapper] off server wide from the command line?

boxtraper has been disabled due to various reasons as can be seen from the forums.

you can upgrade to edge to disable it completely.

q. Is there a way to turn it off server wide from the command line?

remove all instances of boxtraper from exim.conf and

rm -rf /var/cpanel/version/boxtrapper
I checked /etc/exim.conf for any reference to boxtraper, as suggested, and found:

  driver = accept
  condition = "${perl{checkbx_autowhitelist}{$authenticated_id}}"
  require_files = "/usr/local/cpanel/bin/boxtrapper"
  transport = boxtrapper_autowhitelist
I considered commenting this out and decided to do it through the exim configuration in WHM to avoid any changes being overwritten by cPanel.

Taking a look at the advanced exim configuration editor in WHM I can find no reference to the above quoted boxtraper snippet. I looked and looked and it is definitely not there.

Therefore, my questions are:

1. How could it be that /etc/exim.conf could contain something that does not show in the exim configuration editor in WHM? Is /etc/exim.conf not the right file to check?

2. Would it be 'safe' to comment out the above quoted snippet in /etc/exim.conf? I understand that it is best to make changes through the exim configuration editor in WHM so as to avoid cPanel updates undoing changes, however this bit I need to change does not show in the exim configuration editor . . .


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Feb 28, 2005
North Carolina
Don't mean to revive this older thread, but I could sure use some help.

- I have boxtrapper disabled in WHM.
- I recently updated to WHM 10.8.0 cPanel 10.8.1-R30
- BoxTrapper Spam Trap is unchecked under Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings
- Despite the above, I am still seeing boxtrapper ...
- a) update the file /.boxtrapper/white-list.txt in each users home directory (if I delete directories, they are re-created)
- b) log R=boxtraper_autowhitelist T=boxtrapper_autowhitelist in /var/log/exim_mainlog as users send mail

Forcing eximup does not change this behavior ... there are still loads of lines referencing boxtrapper in exim.conf (which I know I edit directly, but sounds like there should be a workaround for this).

Jonathan ... you state: make sure that you have the latest /etc/exim.pl file. My /etc/exim.pl is dated Jul 28 08:15. Does anyone know if this is the correct file for 10.8.1-R30?

Thanks -



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Jun 1, 2002

The idea is great.

The implementation simply does not work properly. Best to remove it.


Apr 23, 2003
The Woodlands, TX
I followed the guide a couple of posts above and removed all of the .boxtrapper entries. They were recreated. I also tried removing the boxtrapper entries in exim.conf and they were recreated during the update.

I don't have Boxtrapper enabled anywhere in WHM, we are using the great MailScanner scripts from ConfigServer so cPanel SpamAssassin is also disabled.

I'm beginning to think Boxtrapper is like a bad penny, it just keeps showing up.



Sep 28, 2006
I have tried all methods to remove boxtrapper that I found in cpanel forums for no use. It keeps reappearing after another upgrade. No matter even if it is not enabled in whm.

Just wondering why can't cPanel provide us with an easy and effective tool to remove boxtrapper if it is not needed.