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Jun 1, 2002
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I like the concept of the exim editor in WHM, but I'm not sure it works well.

I tried adding my Deny blacklists to the editor and I get an error on those lines.

Since it didn't seem to work, I edited the exim.conf file directly again.

I'm wondering if the bugs are worked out on the editor yet. It's a great idea though.

Perhaps the way to do it is to all each section to be OVERRIDDEN, instead of added in some oddball way. Then, when we edit the ACL, we edit the whole section. It's just a simple copy/paste if we need to put everything in. But, the benefit is that we can then control each section the exact way we want, yet we can also compare the changes that cpanel makes.

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Apr 27, 2003
same problem, reported bug, no word yet.

I submitted the following as a bug report, seems like you are having the same problem. I like your suggestion of being able to override entire exim config sections as there are some other tweaks I lost after the last upgrade (in addition to the RBL stuff) that I have had to restore from a backed up conf file. I have been reluctant to chattr the file as I don't want to break/screwup the update/upgrades when they run. So far no response to the bug report I made.

- Chris

Report of 7/16/03:

Version: 7.2.0/7.2.1-R45

Problem: When using the Exim Configuration Editor under Server Setup in WHM the second edit box appears to be in the wrong location - shouldn't it be below the ACL "check
_recipient:"? When I add RBL configs I
get an error because the check_recipient acl
has not yet been named. The next text box (check_message:) seems to be in the correct location.

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