Exim/Cpanel Domain Change Problem - Bug?


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Jul 26, 2003

I am including the steps I took so maybe it will work for the devs and we will see one less bug in Cpanel.

1. I created the domain whatever.com
2. The user wanted a subdomain to start with so I used the Modify account feature to set it to whatever.myhost.com
3. The user then wanted to change it back as everything looked fine. Therefore I set it back to whatever.com
4. Now, Exim thought that the mail e-mail account was [email protected] instead of [email protected]. When sending e-mails you to [email protected] you would get the following error:

no such address here

I asked on #cpanel to see where the file was for the main e-mail address but no body seemed to know.

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Arvand Sabetian

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