Exim Crashing Server Help!!!


Jun 13, 2003

I've got a CPANEL server who is under a lot of stress from exim, it's handling about 10.000 mails a day and is using spamd in most of accounts.

Server load is usualy 1.5 to 1.9 and normally everything is OK (Exept for WHM who is with a RED light on the load part).

Until this morning when one of our customers try to send mails to a lot of people using WORD - EXCELL - OUTLOOK combination, this crashed EXIM and the server wich was under such a load that it was impossible to access (The customer was unable to finish sending his mails anyway).

We are tying to find a solution for our customer, we hoped that EXIM would have taken this mass mail send, and it's wierd that it actually couldn't it seems to work fin with the mailing lists.

So mi question goes to, does exim has some problem with mass mail using word? or is it possible that spamd is going crazy with this, or what else can I do to solve this problem?



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Feb 24, 2004
Try to reduce the number of emails per domain under Tweak Settings. Unfortunately, when people do try to go over that limit exim puts a lot of load on the server anyway.


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Jun 15, 2002
Go on, have a guess
Indeed. And educate your users - that is exactly what mailman is provided for. Or have them use their IPS's provided SMTP server.

You can also use exim configuration commands such as queue_only_load which helps protect against runaway exim deliveries by queuing email if the load average goes above the limit you set (search the forums for that command for how it works and how to implement it).