Exim Deliver Message Problem


Jul 4, 2006
Hi all,

There are 77 msgs in my mail queue. When i click "Attempt to Deliver all messages in Queue" it says "Complete" but when i go back to the mail queue, all 77 are still there.

Even when i try to deliver one single message, it still doesnt deliver.

What could be the problem?

And whilst i am here, once a message has been sent on exim, can you still see what the message actually is. All it shows for me is the MSG ID but what do i do with a MSG ID???


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Mar 19, 2004
When messages cannot be delivered, or have been deferred, they stay in the mail queue.

You'll notice that occassionally bogus email address, particularily ones having no valid mx entry for the domain, will queue there, and remain their until the time you set for messages to queue expires. usually, it's somewhere around 72 hours or so... Then the message will fail and it will be removed from the queue.

Since many of your messages, that you are attempting to deliver fall within the above scenario, they stay in queue until they are removed or their time in queue expires.

For problematic emails or obvious spam, you can simply delete them without futrther adue.

Anyway, that's a simplistic answer to your question. Hopefully, it sheds some light ;)

As far as viewing sent messages after they have been sent, you would need to set your outgoing server to store a copy of everything.... it can be done, but I advise against it if it's not absolutely necessary.

Each message that goes through your server, is assigned a unique messageID. This messageID is very useful for tracking messages, troubleshooting, etc. You can tail your mail logs, and see it in action, or grep them for a messageID... play around and learn!