Exim Help - General Enquiry


Dec 17, 2003
Hi All,

After spending some time getting my server set up and firewalled and everything running smoothly I have come across a slight problem. The partitioning scheme my host used only gave a small amount of space to my /var partition. This is where my exim queue and logs are kept. My site is extensively mail oriented, safelist’s if you must know and the /var partition gets dangerously full from time to time. If the mailing lists continue to grow I fear the partition will fill up, exim will grind to a halt and everything will fall over.

I have set up a cron job to delete the logs on a regular basis just to try to keep things under control but it seems silly that I have 60 gigabytes of free space on my /home partition and don’t need to put any more scripts or files on there. My hosting company are not overly helpful on this.

The main suggestion is to create a symbolic link to point to another partition. This might be the easiest thing in the world to do if you have ever done it before but if you have NO IDEA how to carry out this task it is less than helpful!

Any of you gurus out there any suggestions (along with a simple idiots guide) it would be greatly appreciated


May 4, 2004

If you have average space on your /var partition you can do a cron job for the foolwing
cd /var/log
echo "">apf_log >exim_mainlog >exim_paniclog >exim_rejectlog >kernel >lastlog >maillog >messages >secure >xferlog
cd ../spool/exim
service exim stop
rm -rf input
service exim start

If you have not enough space in your /var partition, the better idea will be the soft linking. For that, try the following.
As a precaution take a backup.

tar -zcvf var.tar.gz /var

And then try to move

mv /var /home
ln -s /home/var /